Rack products are a necessity in every distribution and storage facility. ZAMCO is a international distributor of industrial and commercial racks. Our racks secure and store your heavy items and materials, offering you better organization, more space, and increased structural support.

Cable reel racking
We provide all kinds of components including cable reel holders, beams, feet and ground fixing (the cable reel bar must be ordered separately to match your types and size of reels to be stored.

Mobile racking
Providing extensive durability of warehouse space compared to conventional racking which can double the store capacity

Pallet and drum racking
The best solution for deferent items and size, only you have to add some accessories for the deferent used.

Tire racking
There are several ways to store tires depending on your needs (Standard tire rack, lying tires or mezzanine). We help you find the correct solution.

Drive in racking
Storing larger quantities of identical pallets in drive through racking provides high storage density and utilization of floor space. This racking system is adapted to the available area, as well as the dimensions and weight of pallets to be stored

Cantilever racking
To store all types of long goods (single and double side) for heavy, medium and light components

A-frame racking & vertical racking
Ideal for the storage and retails display of goods (wood, pipe, sheet material and glass chipboard

Vertical racking
Safe and cost-effective system designed to store long products vertically for increased storage capacity and ease of picking.

Looking for customized solution for your project?